The services of property facilities managers has been an age long function. However, this has become even more inevitable in this millennium due to the sophistication and standards in buildings / facilities, coupled with the growing economic, political and social changes in our world.


Also, the growing need for specialization which can not be over emphasized also poses enormous challenges but offers great opportunities to innovative enterprising, sensitive, focused, committed entrepreneurs ready to take advantage of this great challenge.


There is no doubt that there has been an increased competition in this specialization. However, success in this practice and proven service delivery has become the only veritable yardstick to assess competence of key players in this sector.


Zenith Properties Limited has no doubt the capability and is well positioned in client satisfaction going by our well equipped office and trained technical personnel. We are not only confident, but we avail our numerous clients as well as our prospective clients the opportunity to test our competence or otherwise.


With our corporate head office located in Abuja, with Branch offices in Major cities of Nigeria. Our service provision philosophy is hinged on our values of transparency, client satisfaction, integrity and team spirit just to mention a few.

This specialization arrangement has continued to offer our numerous and esteemed clients with the following advantages.

  • Effective Facilities Operation and maintenance Services
  • Experienced management system
  • Financial strength
  • History of long term relationship and safety /risk management among others.


Our Success in performing multi faceted services in facilities management and maintenance comes from proven ability to deliver integrated solution skills and systems devised over the few years in our operations. We have therefore grown accustomed to performing within operating parameters established by clients while integrating own proven procedure which is tailored to client specification.